Friday, October 02, 2009

Olympic Committe Has Great Voting System

Even though they are clearly racist (because they disagree with Barack Obama as to where the 2016 Olympics should be held and those who disagree with Obama are by default racists) the Olympic Committee has a very smart system for counting the votes.

Did you notice the method that the Olympic Committee used to count votes when they were deciding which city would host the 2016 games? They used what amounts to an instant run-off or some similar ranked choice system. In this method, voters give not only their first choice, but there second, and perhaps third choice as well. If their first choice finishes last and no candidate gets a majority, vote counters look to see who their second choice is and the process is repeated again. The candidate with the lowest vote totals is dropped from the count and counters see who that candidate's voters chose next.

The system is used in many areas of life, including at the Republican National Convention and even at our local Tea Party.

The system eliminates the biggest weakness of our current elections, there is too little choice because a third candidate would split the vote and so other candidates are afraid to run and voters are afraid to vote for them when they do run. People are afraid if they vote their conscience then the result will be that the most objectionable candidate would win with less than 50% on a split vote.

It is time that we adopted a system like this so that people can vote their conscience without fear.


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