Monday, October 05, 2009

That's So Gay!

The Gay-Lesbian and Straight Education Network (GLSEN) has a mission of suppressing the free-speech rights of all Americans who are opposed to the homosexual agenda. They do this primarily through the use of propaganda which attempts to re-define disagreement with their behavior and/or political positions as a mental illness ("homophobia"). This is a perversion of the cultural norm from only a generation ago in which homosexuality itself was classified by the American Psychiatric Association as a mental disorder.

No nation in the history of the human race ever attained, or maintained, greatness by promoting homosexuality. The truth is quite the reverse, many nations attained and maintained greatness by honoring the traditional family. Near the latter end of many great nations, the drift away from this cultural imperative was a harbinger of societal decline. These are the facts of history, and facts are stubborn things.

Our the Ad Council is jumping in with both feet, and your money, to bolster the propaganda efforts of the gay lobby. The Ad Council now runs annoying commercials telling people to stop using the word "gay" to mean stupid, twisted, or wrong. See this link with GLSEN and Ad Council logos on the bottom left.

The gist of the radio ad is that the word "gay" once meant happy or joyful, then it came to mean "homosexual". Now people who use it to mean "messed up" or "wrong" are supposed to "knock it off". Knock it off yourselves deviants. It was you people who first hijacked the word "gay" to falsely describe yourselves as a recruiting tool. Junior high kids, in their brutal beautiful honesty, thought that gay meant "homosexual" as you wanted, but they also happened to think that "homosexual" meant "twisted", "messed up" or "wrong". So they started using that as a synonym for such. So are YOU allowed to hijack language but no one else is? Why wasn't the Ad Council spending tax dollars to tell people not to use a word that meant "happy" to describe "homosexuals"?

Another example of special rights for homosexuals I guess. THEY get to redefine words, but the rest of us are to be chided by a propaganda campaign if we fail to use words as THEY think we should.

That's so gay.


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