Sunday, November 01, 2009

Fewer Than Half Of Arkansans Think Obama Is Natural Born

A new Public Policy Polling survey in Arkansas shows that only 45% of voters in the state say they believe Obama was born in this country, while 31% say they think he was not and 24% are unsure.

"Arkansas is the first of four states where we've polled the birther issue (Virginia, North Carolina, and Colorado were the others) and found less than half of respondents confident that Obama is a natural born citizen. The numbers are particularly dramatic among Republicans with 49% saying Obama was not born here to just 23% who grant that he was."


They confuse the issue here of "born here" with "natural born citizen". Obama may have been born here, but there is simply no way that he meets the criteria of a "natural born citizen." The real "inconvenient truth" is not a book by Al Gore, but the fact that we have an illegitimate person occupying the White House.


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