Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Patriots on Watch Net Radio: Tonight "The Trident of Liberty" PIII

Tonight from 9-10PM, or catch it on the archives later.

UPDATE: I am probably not the best judge of my own program, but for whatever it is worth, I felt like this was the best one yet in terms of providing useful information for the patriot who is struggling for answers about what we need to do to restore the Republic.

Piercing the noise and fog to explain to you why Obama is not constitutionally eligible to hold the Presidency, and that will only take five minutes of the program! This is part 3 of the Trident of Liberty, where Mark discuses the three system-changing ideas that the Tea Party should focus on if they really want to restore the Republic. Focusing on ideas requires more maturity and self-discipline than simply cheerleading for a political personality, but maturity and self-discipline are prerequisites for self-government.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

best 1 yet

9:48 PM, December 22, 2009  

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