Thursday, December 03, 2009

Rasmussen Confirms Lincoln in Trouble

This is almost a recurring theme here at AW. Any serious, or even half-serious, Republican candidate can beat Blanche Lincoln. All four challengers they included in the survey out-polled her, even Tom Cox and gaffe-prone Kim Hendren. This is the race conservatives have been waiting for- one in which "he can win" is not a reason to pick a pro-establishment candidate. ANY decent or even not that decent candidate can win, this is our chance to pick a staunch one.

Other points from the poll:

*The really bad news for Lincoln is that 56% of Arkansas voters Strongly Oppose the congressional health care plan. Just 18% Strongly Favor it.

*Nineteen percent (19%) of Arkansas voters have a very favorable opinion of Lincoln, while 36% view her very unfavorably. Those numbers are considerably weaker than they were earlier. In September, 26% offered a Very Favorable opinion and 28% said Very Unfavorable.

*All GOP Challengers relatively unknown: Very favorables and very unfavorables for the GOP challengers are generally in single digits.

*Obama dragging her down:just 34% of voters in the state now approve of the president’s job performance. That’s down three points since September.

*Beebe viewed as a Sun God: But 70% approve of the job Democratic Governor Mike Beebe is doing while only 28% disapprove.

*Stimulate this!: Arkansas voters believe that cancelling the rest of the stimulus spending would create more jobs than spending it.


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