Friday, January 22, 2010

Brummett on Baker

John Brummett is entitled to his own opinions, wrong-headed though they may be, but he is not entitled to his own facts. When he makes mis-statements of fact that give people inaccurate ideas of what is going on, he should be called on it. I volunteer for that community service here. For no extra charge, I will also demonstrate how bad his opinions are...

Brummet writes "If the Republicans don’t nominate state Sen. Gilbert Baker of Conway, the only conventionally gifted politician in the current nine-man field, then they’re nuts. And I write that knowing it hurts Baker with Republicans every time I say it. But I’m just telling the truth and letting the chips fall."

Brummett may know that as a known liberal/establishment attack dog he hurts Sen. Baker with GOP voters every time he praises him, but Baker does not seem to know it! The former state Republican Party Chairman and "conventionally gifted politician" used some of Brummett's favorable quotes about him in his campaign materials! How gifted can he be when Brummett is more attuned to Baker's alleged base than Baker himself?

Brummett gets it wrong on the facts when he was writing about the fallout from a radio forum that four of the candidates had last Saturday. Of the "conventionally gifted politician" Baker he noted: "you had Coleman’s campaign saying that Baker was just running for the Senate so that he could turn around and resign after four years and go for the job he really wanted, which was governor......Then you had Baker explaining that was some sort of ancient quip"

Brummett gets it wrong again on that last point. Truth is that Baker said nothing to indicate the accusation was "an ancient quip". He actually fumbled around and never answered the question at all. Instead he went into a long distraction about why he can't run for Governor this election cycle. I am sure that you know I am telling you the truth about Baker's non-answer, and Brummett is telling you wrong, but if you want to hear Baker's non-answer with your own ears here it is....

I urge you to listen for yourself and decide what you think of this "conventionally gifted politician" and the accuracy of the columnist who pumps him up.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

"...there's a Bible verse that says... "

How sad to see scripture used in such a manner: as a tool to help somone cloud the truth of a matter.

10:06 PM, January 22, 2010  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I listened to the Mountain Talk candidate forum and you are exactly right. Baker answered a lot of questions in response to Mr. Reynolds inquiry; he just didn't answer the one he was asked. One of the hosts then said he was unsure what Mr. Baker's answer was and asked him for clarification. In return he received an even more tortured response; but certainly no clarification. It was a simple yes or no question. Based on the response, I'd have to assume the true answer is yes.

3:30 PM, January 24, 2010  

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