Wednesday, February 17, 2010

FOX News Lets It Slip

The National Republican Party has hand-picked candidates for political offices, according to this FOX News report.

Grassroots activists have long maintained, over the loud denials of some, that the RNC picks favorites in state races.

The main thrust of the article was that RNC Chairman Micheal Steele was meeting with 50 Tea Party leaders from around the country. To quote the article.....

"The meeting was part of a broader effort by national Republicans to reach out to Tea Party activists rather than risk their hand-picked candidates being run over by the movement."


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Let me state another obvious fact:

If you want a candidate that has been hand-picked by Washingtonian Republicans, then you don't want Jim Holt, as he has never been the choice of establishment power brokers inside the DC Beltway.

Captain Chaos

10:09 AM, February 17, 2010  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Becuase Holt is only in the race for Holt and no other.

1:42 PM, February 17, 2010  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I still don't see why Holt doesn't run for the 3rd district. He would crush the others.

4:19 PM, February 17, 2010  
Blogger Mark Moore (Moderator) said...

The answer to comment three shows the falsity of comment two. Its not about running for an office he is most likely to win, its about where he is most likely to keep this country from going right off the cliff. Senate has a lot more power to affect change than a Congressman had.

4:52 PM, February 17, 2010  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

But in the House Holt can bring about change. He also would be very formidable to Pryor. I guess I don't see Holts dogged insistence to the senate race.

6:38 PM, February 17, 2010  
Blogger Mark Moore (Moderator) said...

In the Senate, one Senator can put a hold on an objectionable nominee. Congressmen can't do that. Senators vote to confirm appointments, including to the Supreme Court, not so Congressmen. In the Senate, there is no limit on debate until they get 60 Senators to agree to it. A Senator can go on and give them what for. In the House, they each get what, 5 minutes?

It is A LOT easier to stop things in the Senate, where they need 60%, than the House, where it is 50% plus one vote.

So why is it only Holt who has a "dogged insistence" on the Senate? Why doesn't Glibert Baker run for it in the 2nd district? What about these other guys, why do they have a "dogged insistence?" when the GOP does not even have a gubinatorial candidate. Holt paid his dues running against Lincoln when most thought her unbeatable. How come none of the others have to do that?

Why is Holt supposed to defer to them? Why is he supposed to defer to the Bankster sellout John Boozman, who has squandered every opportunity he has been given to advance conservatism? The guy does not even deserve to keep his seat, much less get a promotion. Why does John Boozman have a "dogged insistence" that he should be the Senator when the GOP already has 10 guys running for it?

7:55 PM, February 17, 2010  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Its not that Holt would be deffering to Boozman or even Baker. Holt is head and shoulders a better candidate than any of the GOP candidates I've seen mentioned for the 3rd district. You do have a point about the Senate being easier to gum up. But what about when Coburn was a congressman?

8:42 PM, February 17, 2010  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

We don't need more business as usual DC Establishment Selected Candidates in the US Senate or House. We do not need more elite fiscally illiterate folks who have a clear pattern of voting for bigger government instead of smaller or limited constitutionally authorized laws and legislation.

Baker's legislative record on fiscal matters has been discussed ad nausem here and on Tolbert. He is campaigning that he will become a Reagan Fiscal Conservative once he gets to DC.

I personally like Gilbert but don't believe he can make the 180 Degree shift necessary for him to become a fiscal conservative who will not just hold the line but will vote for smaller gov't and less taxes.

Boozman is a nice guy also. But he voted for the Wall Steet Mega Bank Bailout despite the insistance he vote the other way by his Arkansas Employers.

He also voted for the budget busting prescription drug entitlement program for Seniors-Medicare Part D.

He also voted for the more National Control of our "local" public schools by voting in favor of the, tongue in cheek, highly esteemed "No Child Left Behind"program. Ask your local school teacher how that's working out for them.

Big John and Gilbert need to read and heed our founding documents(both US and Arkansas Constitutions) before signing on(in order to please their party leaders and/or lobbyists) to more government expanding legislation if they want to aid and abet liberty loving tax paying Arkansans.

Big John and Gilbert have a political DNA problem. Their politcal DNA will not lend itself to turning the runaway spending freight train in DC around.

Last I checked you still cannot rent a Political Spine in DC; however they will be confronted with what 35,000 lobbyists once they get there. And the lobbyists are more focused on the Senate than they are on the House.

We don't have 6 more years to see if Baker / Boozman will suddenly morph into constitutional Reagan fiscal conservatives.

To their credit, they are conservative on social issues but everyone else is also.

The real difference locally and nationally is on taxes, spending, bailouts, smaller constitutionally "hemmed in" limited federal government.

Robert the Bruce

9:22 AM, February 18, 2010  
Blogger Jim said...

It's both practical and predictable that Jim Holt will sustain his bid for the Senate. Mayor Steve Womack of Rogers is a formidable candidate for Boozman's 3rd District seat. He will, no doubt, attract a lot of big business support since he has become the darling of Northwest Arkansas' economic expansion these past 12 years. He's a media-savvy campaigner and will look dominant in any debates leading up to the May GOP primary.

10:25 PM, February 18, 2010  

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