Wednesday, March 10, 2010

3rd District Congressional Primary Race: Maddox Tours Wellness Center at Womack's Invitation

Rogers Mayor Steve Womack has touted the senior center he helped build in Rogers as one of the cornerstones of his campaign for Congress. Rival Gunner DeLay issued a press release saying what a horrible idea it would be to have the federal government build gyms for seniors across the country. Womack responded by inviting him, and the other candidates for the Republican nomination to 3rd district Congress, for a look-see.

This is the after-tour report by one of the candidates- Gravette City Councilman Kurt Maddox.....

I appreciated being a part of Mayor Womack's tour of the Rogers Wellness Center and can clearly see the positive impact of such a facility.I view this debate as not about the center's glowing reviews, but about the role of the federal government.The message I hear loud and clear from the vast majority of Arkansans is that our national government is trying to do too much.

I believe if we had followed the model set forth by our founding fathers, our country would not find itself so far in debt and mortgaged to the hilt. National defense originally was the primary role of our federal government. We need to work towards the original intent, and stop turning to Big Brother for every solution.

As the only citizen legislator and non politician in this race there today, I found the tour entertaining but off point. I chose to attend and insert myself because at the center of this debate is a challenge to a fundamental philosophy in my campaign: Our Federal Government needs to get smaller. As a small business owner, political outsider, and defender of the Constitution, I will use every opportunity to see that it does just that.


Blogger Mark Moore (Moderator) said...

In another note about the Maddox Campaign, Damon Wallace, who recently dropped out of the race himself, endorsed Kurt Maddox for Congress. Here is the release on that one...

“We need a Congressman from the people who will fight for the people,” Wallace said. “I hope everyone who supported my campaign will help Kurt because this seat is too important to allow big-government to continue stifling our economy.”

“I support Kurt Maddox because he understands how business and the economy work. He understands how to operate within a budget and believes the government should too. I know Kurt will stand up for what is right and that’s why I want him as our next Congressman.”

Accepting Wallace’s endorsement, Maddox stated, “I’m honored to have Damon Wallace’s support. Like me, Damon is a small businessman and a true conservative. Arkansas is tired of career politicians pushing our debt off on our children.

“In Congress, I will fight for limited government and balanced budgets. The out-of-hand growth of government is threatening Americans’ liberties and I want to put a stop to it.”

7:58 PM, March 10, 2010  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Finally, we have someone that gets "it".

Womack need a crash course on the state of the country as well as the founding documents and their original intent.

Neat facility in Rogers, however; like Kurt said the country needs to get back within the original jurisdiction it was granted or we will lose the country with more Womack types of big government walk to socialism haven't read or don't respect the founding documents types.

DC is full of Womacks now. Its time the ship gets turned around!

Robert the Bruce

Robert the Bruce

7:10 AM, March 11, 2010  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

hey robert the bruce, when you pull all the 50 and older voters
from 1 candidate it sure makes it
harder to be elected.

8:40 AM, March 11, 2010  
Blogger Mark Moore (Moderator) said...

I don't think most seniors will be tempted by the offer of "free" health clubs through a federal program. Most of them have grandchildren. They are concerned about the fiscal future of the country and can buy their own gym membership if they want it.

6:36 PM, March 11, 2010  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Come on 8:40. Wake up and try again. We will give you a mulligan on that one.

Womack is the cornerstone of slippery slope constitutionally devoid thinking here. Do we want more Big Gov’t Republicans in Little Rock or DC. I don’t think so.

Steve needs to quit justifying and learn / get back to the founding documents / principals if he wants to be a part of pulling the Federal Government out of the quagmire of Big and Over Involved Government in the lives of citizens, local governments and state governments.

Robert the Bruce

6:55 AM, March 12, 2010  
Blogger Jim said...

I think the bloggers here have lost perspective on the central idea of wellness centers. The idea is NOT to generate more federal spending; rather, it is to promite health through all ages. Thats the theme of the Wellness Center in NWA. Mayor Womack's idea is sound, and it doesn't require federal spending to propogate these kinds of local facilites around the country. They pay for themselves in improved health and wellness. It's high time political hacks quit lambasting novel new approaches from fiscal conservatives and come up with a few ideas of their own!

9:40 PM, March 30, 2010  

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