Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Plot to Suppress Price of Silver Uncovered

This video is a dry-toned overview of the story, but what it claims is explosive. J.P. Morgan is controlling the price of silver, and if you are privy to their "buying signals" you make money. If you are outside the loop, you probably lose. At one point last month, J.P. Morgan had 40% of all the sliver shorts on the New York exchange. A fellow named Andrew McGuire uncovered the plot, reported it to the CFTC- and they did nothing. Shortly after that someone accelerated into McGuire's car, with he and his family inside. The driver sped off but was eventually apprehended, but the police are not releasing any information about the case or the identity of the assailant.

A GATA figure named Bill Murphy had several media interviews lined up with big outlets in the American corporate media in order to break the story, and they all canceled within hours of each other. King World News, an independent outfit that has made a name for itself covering important stories that the corporate media won't cover, has an interview with McGuire, and then a round table talk with men from GATA about it. They claim that the futures market is no longer a true market at all because governments are intervening and using them to artificially hold down the price of numerous commodities. Of course, that strategy can conceal fundamental currency weakness, but not correct it. Expect a currency crash similar to the housing crash when it all unwinds.


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