Saturday, April 10, 2010

Rassmussen Poll: Most Voters Closer to Tea Party Than Obama

With April 15th Tax day protests coming up again, Rasmussen took a poll asking voters if they considered their own views closer to that of President Barack Hussein Obama or to the Tea Party. By a 48-44% margin, the voters said the Tea Party was more closely aligned with their views.

Naturally Republicans made up a good chunk of those siding with the Tea Party, and the Democrats made up a "gooder" chunk of those who lined up behind Obama, but Independents choose the Tea Party by a margin of 50-38%. Not bad considering I heard that the major corporate media has been working hard trying to portray the Tea Party movement as a pack of hateful, violent bigots. Maybe nobody listens to them anymore. I know I don't.

Though Obama's numbers are not good, he fared much better than the poll last week where the same question was asked relative to Congress. The Tea Party beat Congress by a whopping 48-26% margin in that one.

Perhaps the most interesting aspect of the poll was how it broke out among voters who tested as "mainstreet" vs. "political class". 87% of the political class, regardless of whether they were Republicans or Democrats, said that their views were closer to Obama's than the Tea Party's. 63% of Main Street Americans sided with the Tea Party. Here is how Rasmussen determined who feel into each group....

"The questions used to calculate the Index are:

-- Generally speaking, when it comes to important national issues, whose judgment do you trust more - the American people or America’s political leaders?

-- Some people believe that the federal government has become a special interest group that looks out primarily for its own interests. Has the federal government become a special interest group?

-- Do government and big business often work together in ways that hurt consumers and investors? "

"Yes" was Mainstream, "No" was political class.


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