Sunday, June 13, 2010

Floods Show Need for Arkanasas State Guard

Articles like FOX NEWS report about the devastating floods in southwest Arkansas are a grim reminder that we still live in a dangerous world. And as the picture above indicates, often the best response to an emergency is when qualified civilians work with full-time government officials to help speed aid in disasters that would otherwise swamp the government apparatus.

That's why we need an Arkansas State guard. It's true that National Guardsmen are helping, but it is also true that more than ever before, many of them are deployed across the globe at any given time. Washington D.C., in its efforts to do everything for everybody, has proven itself incapable of adequately responding to disasters and doing what it is supposed to do. In order to provide security for the people of Arkansas, we should fill in that gap.

This is similar to when the people of Arizona realized that the Federal government would not, for whatever reason, enforce existing law against illegal aliens on a consistent basis. They took responsibility for this security issue in their own hands. That's what we should do, not just on one issue, but on every issue that matters.

Washington D.C. is bankrupt, fiscally, intellectually, and morally. Yet the reality that they can't handle even what responsibility they have now does not seem to have slowed their desire to have their fingers in every pie. It does not matter which of the two establishment parties are in power, their policies, morality, and competence are similar. These are not people you should put a lot of faith in. We need a back up plan for when Washington fails- and anyone with good sense can see they are going to fail. We need a State Guard.


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