Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Secure Arkansas Petition Station in Springdale


Their new location will be on the 2800 block of West Walnut Street in Rogers.

I have gotten disturbing reports of harassment of the petitioners by local police. I find it disturbing that people simply exercising their constitutional rights are viewed with hostility by misguided members of law enforcement. My guess is that there is pressure from higher-ups to hassle them. Secure Arkansas has lawyers on staff. They have have been given reason to use them.


Secure Arkansas will be operating a location to collect signatures for their petition to limit public benefits to illegal aliens from 8AM to 8PM from now through this Saturday.

The location is at the corner of Highway 412 East and Dime Street. This is across the street from the giant fiberglass Chicken and Turkey (what, you haven't seen them?) in Springdale.

It is my understanding that there will also be petitions available to get the Constitution Party of Arkansas on the ballot. You can download that petition here, have a few friends and family sign it, and send it to the address at the link.

Time is running short to complete both drives. The illegal alien petition drive ends June 30th. The CP drive closes out July 9th.


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