Monday, September 20, 2010

Arkansas Termite Laws: Can't Inspect Unless You Spray

The anti-liberty bias of our nanny-state legislature here in Arkansas consistently amazes me. Here we are in one of the most "pro-gun" states in the union, and it is illegal for a law-abiding citizen to open-carry a firearm- never mind what the state constitution says.

I am also frustrated at the tendency of our legislature to let industries write the laws that concern them, to the detriment of consumers. An example of this is our law on termite inspections. The law says that termite inspectors must guarantee that there will be no termites on the premises for one year after the date of inspection. Obviously, nobody can do that without laying down some heavy, and expensive, toxins.

While an inspection could typically be done for less than $100, the application of the poison brings the cost to triple or even quadruple that amount. I am sure the industry loves the law- it mandates that consumers have to buy the full package from them. One pest control guy told me that to his knowledge Arkansas was the only state in the union which took the choice away from the consumer as to whether they wanted only an inspection or the whole enchilada.

In my case, I am attempting to refinance my house. My house is made of cedar, which termites don't like. I have a young child who plays around the house. I don't want the toxins. I don't need the toxins, and I can't afford the toxins. I just want to certify to the bank that my house is not infested. Some legislators in Little Rock at some point decided that they, not me, should micromanage this area of my life, presumably on the idea that they from Little Rock know so much better than me what decisions I should make about pest control of my own property. Thanks, you nanny-state losers.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

So why not move to another state?

6:55 PM, September 22, 2010  
Blogger Mark Moore (Moderator) said...

Because this is the best state in the Union, just not the best governed.

I keep waiting for people to vote like they say they believe.

8:46 PM, September 22, 2010  

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