Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Have We Broken the Code on Autism?

32 minute audio here.

Autism effects about 1 of every 100 children currently born. We may have found out the reason for the explosion in autism, and what parents can do to stop it, but too many powerful interests are involved for the most likely reason to get a fair hearing. Find out what every parent of a newborn needs to know to protect your child from autism. Plus the usual array of political topics....


Anonymous Anonymous said...

If epidemics like whooping cough, measles, smallpox, etc, sweep through and kill more kids than would be affected by the vaccines, then the vaccines would still be preferable.

The big pharma argument doesn't hold much water, as the vaccines are a one time deal, not like the incredibly profitable drugs taken daily.

9:05 PM, September 14, 2010  
Anonymous Mark said...

You did not listen to the program. Measles was the only one on that list that I believe contributes to the plague of autism, and its not fatal. The "cure" is worse than the disease they are trying to protect against.

You are just wrong. Children are "supposed" to have many vaccinations, about a dozen. Some of them up to four times. And they don't have to MARKET these drugs to persuade you to buy them of your own free will, they simply leverage the government to try and force you to purchase them.

A pill taken 100 times by 4% of the population or a vaccine taken 4 times by 100% of the population. The profitability would be similar, except perhaps greater when there are few marketing costs. Sounds more profitable than Viagra.

But you should listen to the audio, only specific vaccines are causing the problem.

5:04 AM, September 15, 2010  
Blogger Mark Moore (Moderator) said...

Errr... I meant Rubella. It is the "R" part of the MMR that is derived from aborted fetal tissue. Rubella may be fatal to a developing child if the mother gets it, but not necessarily....my mother had it while carrying me.

Measles is fatal in about 1 of 1000 cases or so, but I have no objections to the Measles vaccination. Should they offer it separately from the Rubella vaccine, then I would advise taking it.

6:48 PM, September 17, 2010  

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