Monday, September 27, 2010

Obama "Justice" Department: Assassination of US Citizens Without Courts

The "Justice" Department has actually argued that the President should have the power to assassinate American citizens without court oversight.

Since the US citizen to be assassinated is a Muslim who the government (without presenting any proof) says is associated with terrorists, some fascists who think they are conservatives might think this is OK. It's not OK. Conservatives are supposed to have a natural mistrust of unbridled and unlimited government power. Fascists and socialists may want to use government power for different things, but they both like a state with vast powers. I would suggest that if you think you are a "conservative", but also think an executive branch with the power to kill US citizens without court oversight is OK, then you are in error about the correct label to describe your politics. You aren't conservative on this one, you're a fascist.


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