Saturday, October 09, 2010

Loss of Legitimacy in the Judiciary

Judge Myron Thompson who said in the Roy Moore 10 Commandment's Ruling "The state cannot acknowledge God."

I have often said here that I am in favor of a strong judicial branch, at least strong enough to stand up to an Executive that is increasingly pushing aside the Constitution. That is just one reason why I object to rogue judges who issue lawless rulings without regard to original intent. This includes the tyrants who ruled "don't ask, don't tell" unconstitutional, the ones in California who threw out the results of the marriage amendment, the Lawrence v. Texas decision where the Court over-ruled themselves from only 17 years earlier, and of course, Roe v. Wade.

At some point, if we are to be a free people, the judiciary is going to have to stand up to the Executive Branch. Who the people have confidence in will be the tie-breaker in this test of wills. My fear is that these federal judges have no intention of keeping their oaths, and even if they someday want to they will not be able to because they have throw away their legitimacy in the eyes of the population.

Myron Thompson is a perfect example of a crooked leftist judge who is squandering the credibility of the judiciary. He was the one who said "the state CANNOT acknowledge God." Of course, the Declaration of Independence state clearly that are rights come from God, so a state that cannot acknowledge God cannot acknowledge the source of your rights either. Such a government, which views itself as the ultimate power accountable to no one, will become progressively tyrannical over time, as ours is becoming.

Thompson is at it again. Tyrant judges don't just make flawed rulings on "social issues." They tend to be unjust on ALL issues, because it reflects their very nature. Read this account of Thompson's latest oppression and see for yourself.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

This couple's case stretched back into the nineties, so I understand their desire to "stand on principle." Their quandary, the imprisonment of Wayne Fincher, and the ousting of Chief Justice Roy Moore, are precipitous examples of how we no longer have even the pretense of rule by constitution.

7:33 AM, October 11, 2010  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

He was the one who said "the state CANNOT acknowledge God."

He said it, and no one in the Republican majority House, nor the Republican held senate, nor our so-called "conservative" president did anything to the contrary.

There will always be the Myron Thompsons of this world, but the entire system failed us and continues to fail us miserably.

6:10 AM, October 12, 2010  

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