Saturday, October 30, 2010

Questions to Ask Mayors and Mayor Candidates

New Orleans police cooperated with the feds during the post-Katrina gun round-up.

I expect there will be a run-off for (name of your city) Mayor. I’m mighty glad that we have some good men to vote for. I don’t feel that the choices are so good when you move up the ballot. That’s because these days our choices at the highest level are limited to those who have access to millions of dollars of political money. And that money comes, not so much from the citizens of Arkansas, but rather from a small elite, and global corporations with no special ties to our country.

Local government still serves the average citizen, but Washington doesn’t. Most federal politicians serve the people who provide them with the political money that they need to stay in the political game. That’s the big banks and global corporations. That’s why we can’t really get them to listen to us on bank bailouts, illegal immigration, controlling spending, so-called “free trade”, or any other issue where global business interests have a contrary opinion. Unlike local government, the big boys and girls now work for them, not us.

This is going to lead to a split. You’ve got local government that usually wants to serve the interests of the common citizen, and a federal government that has sold them out for the big money some time ago. Until now, local governments and the federal government have gotten along fairly well, but the underlying tension between them is going to increase. This is because the local governments will want to continue to act in the interests of the people, and the central government will continue to act in the interests of their paymasters. As the people grow restless, the feds will use increasingly unconstitutional and repressive measures to tamp down on growing dissent.

In the past, the feds have usually asked state and local governments to do their law-enforcement work for them, or at least provide a major assist. As long as most folks felt that the laws were just, that was not a problem. Soon, it may be. Once the laws become repressive, and unconstitutional, will the local governments continue to work with the feds, or will they refuse to help clamp chains on the locals? I’d like to know from our mayoral candidates what their answer is.

For example, if the feds decide to have a general round-up of firearms, like they did in New Orleans after Katrina, will the City assist them or refuse to assist them? If they decide that we can no longer have a certain type of gun, or more than a certain number of rounds of ammo, or we can no longer have a magazine that holds more than a certain number of rounds, will the city assist them in enforcement or refuse to assist? If the feds decide that citizens need to get a federal license, or permit or pay a tax or fee to possess guns or ammo, will the city assist them with enforcement or refuse to assist them?

What if they classify someone as a “domestic terrorist” just because they express opinions that the government does not like, or peacefully protest the actions of government officials? What if a preacher preaches what the Bible says about homosexual acts, and this free speech gets redefined as “hate speech?” Will the city of Pea Ridge assist the federal government in enforcing such laws, or will they refuse to assist them? I’d like to know the answers. If you would too, I’d hope you’d ask whoever makes the run-off what their position is, and let us know.


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