Saturday, October 09, 2010

Should Pro-Life Endorsements Matter in Local Races?

Arkansas Right to Life has endorsed several candidates for non-partisan judicial races, including above-pictured Kurt Maddox in the five man race for the Mayor of Rogers. Should such endorsements matter in city races?

I say yes, with a caveat. The issue of Life is fundamental. Even if they will never make a decision on the Right-to-Life issue directly, it tells you the voter what their orientation is on ALL issues related to your rights. If a politician is indifferent to, or willing to trade away, the rights of the innocent unborn for political advantage, then there is zero, and I mean zero, chance that they will stand up for yours when the doors are closed and the deals are cut.

That paragraph above was written for the average citizen, not the power players. They are counting on their "pull" to protect their interests. Little do they realize that when they need idealists in government is not when they are strong, but when they are weak. That's when we need leaders who will support our rights even when it is not convenient.

Of course, there are those who will say they are "Pro-Life" while having no intention of doing anything about it. We know that we can't count on every politico who claims they are pro-Life. My point is that we can't count on any of them who WON'T say it. And if we have a choice between one who has said it long enough and loud enough to get the ARTL endorsement, then that ought to mean something. On intentions at least, we can trust them.

Another issue is whether or not the groups making these endorsements are really trying to work themselves out of a job. I have long told you that the NRA Arkansas has sold out gun owners and that their ratings are not a reliable indicator of who will best protect your gun rights.


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