Monday, November 01, 2010

J'boro Rep Joan Cash Global Warming Electric Dream Car

Democrat Representative Joan Cash has definitely not represented the values of her constituents in Jonesboro in her two legislative sessions in office.
Joan Cash Received 2nd Highest Score by Liberal Organization

Cash tied for the 2nd most liberal legislator in the House of Representatives, receiving a 92.9% by the liberal Arkansas Citizens First Congress. The highest score was 94% for Kathy Webb, the first ever openly lesbian in the Arkansas legislature. The lowest score (thus the most conservative score) was 33.8%. Cash was also named and pictured as one of the organization's top nine priority sponsors of bills in the Arkansas legislature this liberal organization supported and for taking leadership on issues for the public interest. 2

Following are five of the top ten priorities as listed by this liberal organization on whose website Joan Cash is honored and given this 91.9% score.
- Enact the recommendations of the Global Warming Commission.- Enact the recommendations of the HIV/AIDS Task Force.- Progressive tax reform- Create an Arkansas Civil Rights Commission.- Enact the Dream Act to make sure every student graduating from an Arkansas school has the opportunity to pay in-state college tuition. [Note how they sanitize their goals. Every student means illegal aliens.] See this link for above picture and caption and the top ten priorities of this liberal organization. 3

Joan Cash Is Member of Governor Beebe's Global Warming Commission

Joan Cash was also appointed by Governor Beebe as one of the 21 member Board on the Governor's Global Warming Commission (GGWC) implemented by HB2460. She is the only legislator Beebe appointed to the Commission other than naming Representative Kathy Webb as Co-Chair. The bill implementing the Commission was sponsored by the most liberal, first ever openly gay legislator in Arkansas, Kathy Webb, who also Co-Chairs the Commission. 4 The Governor's Commission has recommended 54 specific policies to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and address climate-energy and commerce related issues in Arkansas. Just 29 of the recommendations would cost Arkansas $3.7 BILLION, and critics say that amount is far, far lower than the real costs. 6 To put that in perspective, Arkansas’ total state budget is $4.4 billion in 2010. And the citizens will be laden with tremendous utility costs, etc. as well. 7

These recommendations are in alignment with Al Gore's policies, the Clinton Climate Initiative and the Cap and Trade Bill that passed the US House in 2009 but was so controversial that it did not get through the Senate. These recommendations are very deceptive, using old words with new meanings and lies just like liberals have done with the health care bill. So while we are having our TEA parties and opposing Cap and Trade and slowing it down at the national level, liberals at the state level are implementing the programs faster than we could imagine without our even knowing it and with our Republican state legislators voting for it because they don't know the terminology. And Joan Cash is one of the main players in this endeavor.
For information on Joan Cash's Dream Car Pictured Above and for 17 footnotes of doucmentation on this and other issues, see this link:


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