Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Media Malfesance and "Negative Campaigning" from Conservatives

As someone who has been in the fight to elect limited-government conservatives to office, I have noticed a pattern with much of the establishment media. In general, they will jump on any crumb of a story that makes conservatives look bad, while tenaciously ignoring bigger stories that show a liberal or establishment politician in an unflattering light.

In other words, most of the media won't do its job when it comes to giving proportional coverage to stories that reflect badly on their own. Negative information about a candidate can be out there like the elephant in the room, but they won't investigate if the details are handed to them on a silver platter (since I am not a professional journalist I can use two cliched metaphors in the same sentence even though a real pro would not do that!!!). Sometimes out of frustration, conservative candidates buckle and use their precious campaign funds to spread the word and keep the people from unknowingly electing a turkey. Then the media that was not interested in doing their job jumps on the conservative candidate for "negative campaigning".

Liberal candidates don't normally have to "negatively campaign" because the media will do it for them. They don't typically provide that service to conservatives. They won't do their job, but they sure will jump on a conservative for "negative campaigning" if he or she tries to do their job when they won't.

The losers in all this are the people. Am I thinking of another specific example here? We will see in the next day or two.


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