Saturday, November 20, 2010

Voters Dodged a Bullet Electing Martin over Pat O'Brien

One of the closest large races was for Secretary of State, where voters handed State Rep. Mark Martin a narrow 51-49 victory over Pulaski County Clerk (and Obama campaign manager in Arkansas) Pat O'Brien. O'Brien spent a lot of time bragging about how he ran 32 "flawless" elections. Martin took issue with that, especially over sending the wrong ballots to our overseas military issue. Now O'Brien wants to shred all paper records before he leaves office. No less than 17 judges have told him not to do it.

Why the rush to destroy records? Weren't all of your elections "flawless?" It looks like the state dodged a bullet in electing Martin over O'Brien. It reminds me of Obama's promises to run the "most transparent administration in history" when the reality is so polar opposite.


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