Monday, December 27, 2010

The Evolution Agenda, The Cliff Notes Version

For the full version, go to the audio.

A recent Rasmussen poll said that 40% of Americans do not believe in evolution, at least not large scale evolution, which some refer to as macroevolution. I am amazed that after a generation of media and Hollywood propaganda, and most especially education system indoctrination, that so many of us still are not buying the baloney. And though I can’t prove it in a short newspaper column, it is baloney.

Man-made global warming as a threat to the planet is baloney too. The main difference is in the case of global warming people are catching on that that particular tube of baloney is indeed baloney- and baloney that is past its expiration date. I believe that global warming will one day prove to be only the second biggest scientific hoax of our time, after the idea of godless macro-evolution.

It’s nice that so many people still don’t accept the government position. The current government position is that we are not divinely Created, but rather the product of chance evolution. Oh, some may blather that it’s not the government position, but rather the “scientific” position. That’s hogwash. Science is largely government funded these days, and scientists are trained in schools that receive government funding as well.

So which position is most convenient to the political class? The idea that we are divinely created means that we have rights that limit their potential power over us, and also limit their moral authority to subject us to social experimentation. The idea that we are naturalistically evolved means that we have no divine rights and there are no moral limits to what they can do to shape us. Clearly, the government funded education system is producing government funded scientists who affirm and re-affirm the ideas that are in the interests of their paymasters.

I find that this is often done on the flimsiest of evidence, or even in the face of contradictory evidence. Government funded science makes a presupposition that divine intervention into nature has not and cannot happen. Once they do that, the most unlikely evolutionary explanation of the evidence can be accepted over the most likely creationist explanation. The problem is not in the evidence so much as how they allow themselves to evaluate it.

Our Founding Fathers took the exact opposite position of the ruling class of today and their bought priestly caste of scientists and educators. They said in the Declaration of Independence that “we hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, and are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights”. The equal part was not in respect to virtue or strength or wisdom, but rather referred to the idea that the royal classes were not inherently superior to the common people. Their “self-evident” truth was the exact opposite of what is declared “self-evident” truth today in every government textbook and institution which asserts, but does not prove, macro-evolution.

I did notice in the poll that young people tended to accept macroevolution more than older folks. That’s Hollywood and government schools at work. Still, I find it odd that younger people who tend to not believe the government about anything are the ones who most often accept the government’s position that they are the product of naturalistic evolution.

They are most often willing to believe, and usually for good reason, that the government is up to no good and lies to them constantly. Yet oddly, they tend to uncritically accept the government evolution mantra. Why do they believe that this is the one issue that the government is telling them the truth about?


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