Sunday, January 09, 2011

Autism Link to Vaccines Derived from Aborted Fetal Cells

A three month investigation by United Press International links autism to the MMR and the Chicken Pox vaccines. Those two vaccines are live-virus, and they culture the live viruses in stem lines from aborted fetal tissue. had previously reported that genetic material from the aborted cells winds up in the viruses and from there can be integrated into the DNA of the subjects who receive the vaccines.

This study does not delve into how the MMR and Chicken Pox vaccines are produced, but does note that when they are given too close together the rate of autism increased in their study. They did not compare results to a control group which got neither of these vaccines, but my guess is that the rate of autism would diminish to the extremely low and level rate we had for decades before these shots were pushed on people starting in the mid 1980s.


Blogger Andrewfm said...

This would carry more weight if you were to reference more sources. If this is true, there would be more credible source than a media outlet saying that they did the research. A three month investigation from a news agency does not constitute valid research into this issue.

8:21 AM, January 09, 2011  
Blogger Mark Moore (Moderator) said...

Just do a search on this blog for "autism" and scroll through a bit. This is only the latest. There is lots more evidence out there, even though there is no one who really wants to fund it.

The government does not want to fund this research because they don't want to scare people off of vaccines and lose herd immunity. Also, the FDA has become a "captured regulator" of big pharma. Much like the banks, with Goldman Sachs guys going to the agencies which "regulate" GS and then back to GS. Big Pharma employees go to the FDA and FDA employees go to big pharma.

No there is plenty of evidence out there, you just have to dig to find it.

The reason you don't hear about it is that the drug companies are major ad buyers on the big corporate media. They prefer, like MSNBC has done recently, to have repeated "exposes" discrediting doctors like Andrew Wakefield who sound the alarm on the vaccine-autism links.

So as a government official or a doctor you can just hope the evidence is wrong and that the big-pharma sponsored (and flawed) studies showing the opposite are right, or you can follow the evidence and wind up like Wakefield.

You have only heard one side of this story- the big pharma side. Search this blog for autism. Look at the evidence. Good luck.

9:22 AM, January 09, 2011  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Go to UPI's web site or do a google search and you won't find a single mention of this "study" anywhere else.

Once again a post that regurgitates fake, false, and made up silliness from other blogs, with ZERO fact checking.

5:21 PM, January 11, 2011  
Blogger Mark Moore (Moderator) said...

Yep, just google Dan Olmstead and you will see that at the time The Age of Autism was written (2006) he was a senior reporter for UPI. It was the first hit on

I just want you to face some truth. You seem to prefer hiding behind anonymity and hurling false accusations. I am trying to protect innocent children from a horrendous condition. Why do you have such a problem with that?

4:43 PM, January 12, 2011  

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