Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Obama Internet Kill Switch to be "Not Subject to Judicial Review"

There is renewed talk of giving Resident Obama an "internet kill switch" he could use in times of "emergency." The legislation contains a provision that this law "would not be subject to judicial review." In other words, Congress decides what the limits of the Supreme Court's jurisdiction is, and they would decide that this law would be outside it.

Such a clause has been used before, usually on things like bills giving companies accept to federal lands for logging or something. They did not want environmentalists tying it up in court for years.

This raises another important point in the struggle to protect innocent life. When the Republicans controlled Congress, the Senate, and the Presidency, they could have "overturned" Roe v. Wade any time they wanted to. They could have simply passed a law saying that abortion is a state matter and that this law was "not subject to judicial review." The fact that they did not do it, did not even talk about it, means only one thing: They don't really want to. They want to leave it as a political football to kick around. Two articles down I talk about another way they could have protected innocent life, by means of the 14th amendment. That did not happen either, but with the new Tea Party crowd it is at least going to get tried.

PS- Boehner is not serious about illegal immigration either.


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