Saturday, January 15, 2011

Tea Party and Conservative Activists: Plan for Disapointment

I want to go on record with a prediction right now. New RNC Chair Reince Priebus will be a neocon big-government elitist Republican. He will make Michael Steele look like the good old days, except that he can raise more money from global corporations.

Steele reminds me of a coach who turns his team around and wins a BCS bowl, only to be fired because the big-money boosters don't like him. I have consistently seen in the GOP party hierarchy that sucking up is the definitive skill. I can think of several names in the state that have sucked the money out of one candidate after another and led the party to defeat, only to get promoted. Then Steele is at the helm during this remarkable turn-around, and he's out. Go figure.

The Tea Party and conservative activists should prepare to be disappointed. It makes less sense than ever for them to put all of their chips in the GOP basket. It's past time people started thinking outside the box rather than repeating the Charlie Brown role for Lucy and her football.


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