Thursday, February 03, 2011

Howse Takes on Rockfellers, World Religion, and Glenn Beck

World View Weekend host Brannon Howse, who was in Rogers this weekend, has some very strong writing in the online magazine "Worldview Weekend Digest." He provides documentation that global elites like the Rockefellers were attempting to foist a one-world religion on America in order to advance one world government. He also calls out Glenn Beck as an "informed" Mormon and universalist. Without animus toward him, I also find Beck to be a very odd icon for the Christian right in America. Of course, that may be more of a reflection of the size of the microphone globalist Ruppert Murdoch has given him rather than a function of the CR choosing in the market among candidates for their spokespersons people who worked their way up the ladder in the traditional way.

I recommend the article.


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