Friday, February 04, 2011

Hundreds Gather to Protest Global Warming

- credit Greg Vaughn-


Blogger Andrewfm said...

While the photo is funny, it does tend to make light of a potential crisis this planet may be facing. The point is that you don't have to believe in global warming, but it would be benificial to all if we heeded some of the changes those people are suggesting.

1. Reduce your carbon footprint
a) put insulation in your house to save money on your heating bill.
b) replace old equipment to new energy standards.
c) get a new water heater, if your current one is older than 15 years.
d) if you buy a new car, consider fuel economy as a prime consideration in your decision.

2. Business considerations:
a) energy is a fixed cost that will only increase over time, anything that businesses can do to reduce that fixed cost, improves that buinesses bottom line.
b) alternate forms of energy reduces our dependence on foreign states for fossil fuels

Bottom line is; look at being Eco not from a green point of view, but from a pocketbook point of view. If you spend less on energy, you have more in your pocket.

PS: global warming isn't going to make winters warmer, it's going to make tempeture swings greater, hotter in the summer, and colder in the winter.
You think walmart is being sensitive to the environment when they reduce their transportation cost by 40%, maybe, but their making more money.

10:53 AM, February 06, 2011  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

That's right, it's not "Global Warming" anymore. It's "Climate Change." That means that whatever happens, you have to give us more money and power to stop it. There is no time to lose, don't think, do it now!

The whole planet is doomed if we don't keep temperatures on this planet like they were in the 1970s forever!

8:18 PM, February 06, 2011  

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