Thursday, February 17, 2011

Redistricting Congress- Options take shape.

I wouldn't recommend it: A proposed redistricting map from Dave Wasserman which shows what redistricting of Congressional Districts would look like if the Democrat Party gets their way.
Here is a map D. Wasserman drew with protection of incumbents in mind.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

So, Little Rock/Pulaski county would pretty much dominate the hinterlands of NE Arkansas, and, of course, a Republican (Tim Griffin) would lose his seat because the district to which he was elected would be eliminated.

What are the odds this would happen? As nasty and effective as this would be, I don't see it having a chance of becoming reality.

4:11 AM, February 18, 2011  
Blogger Mark Moore (Moderator) said...

I think something like the map on the link will be closer to what we wind up with, but I am not in position to know. The main point is how important drawing the lines is. Democracy is practiced in a context, and the same pool of voters will give you wildly different results depending on how they are grouped.

Just one reason why it made sense to emphasize Mark Martin for Secretary of State (which the GOP did not really do), and why the GOP had an EPIC FAIL for not getting anyone to run against a beatable AG. That is where a lot of the line-drawing will be done.

5:04 AM, February 18, 2011  

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