Friday, February 11, 2011

What Would Jesus Cut?

Sojourners is a “faith-based” organization. It was started up by “Emergent Church” leader Jim Wallis. Recently Sojourners released a letter about their spending priorities for the Federal government called “What Would Jesus Cut?”

In their own words, “We can’t move backwards on programs proven to work: international aid targeted at empowering women; vaccines and bed nets combating deadly diseases; school lunch programs and early childhood education that give poor children the opportunity to thrive; tax credits that reward work and help stabilize families. These are dollars we can’t afford not to invest.”

They attempt to bolster their position by saying, “The biblical prophets make clear that a nation’s righteousness is ultimately determined not by its GNP or military might -- but by how it treats its most vulnerable people. Jesus says our love for him will be demonstrated by how we treat the “least of these.” Their position is that Jesus would cut the defense budget, not these programs.

So what would Jesus cut? I believe that the answer is “everything.” He’d cut our “defense” budget, and He’d cut each and every program they list. He’d be in favor of letting people keep as much of what they earned as possible, then encourage them to give, of their own free will rather than government coercion, what they could to help the less fortunate. And I am very convinced that whatever “social programs” and “international aid” He might allow to be publicly funded, it would be an amount that would be paid for with current revenues. Using debt even to “do good” is grossly unjust to the next generation.

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