Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Mike Beebe Picks on Girls

Gov. Mike Beebe picks on girls. Especially if the are in his party and dare to vote their conscience instead of the party line. Consider the case of pro-life Rep. Linda Collins-Smith, who made our "ten best legislators list." Here is a report from a member of her district. It shows how far beyond the bounds of sound redistricting principles, and even common decency to both the legislators and the people of the districts involved, Mike Beebe is willing to go to enforce vindictive retaliation on a woman who would not follow his orders....

District 80, represented by State Rep. Linda Collins-Smith, has been drastically changed with her home county of Randolph being split into THREE pieces. That alone is an obvious attempt to get rid of her, but he apparently hopes to kill two birds with one stone by pitting her against another conservative, Lori Benedict, who lives in Fulton County.

Randolph and Fulton counties are not contiguous. Sharp County lies between them, so to connect the two he had to create a bridge across the very narrow north end of Sharp County.

Further aggravating the issue is that District 80 (now consisting of all of Randolph County and two-thirds of Sharp) had only a slight population increase that could have been addressed simply by moving a small portion of the balance of Sharp County into the District.

Whatever the eventual outcome, it is apparent that the legislature must modify the Board of Apportionment to make it non-partisan.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

As a citizen of Randolph County and a Republican I first want to state that what the Governor and AG have done to the county is criminal. In both the senate and house maps they have divided Randolph County to the point we can no longer elect representatives from here. As for Linda Collins Smith who I know well, she is an opportunist of the worst kind. She was almost beaten by a no name 20 year old Republican, she won by less than 400 votes the sad part is if the kid had won our district would be intact up here. STOP GIVING HER FALSE PRAISE AND LEARN WHAT SHE IS.

7:54 PM, July 20, 2011  
Blogger Linton said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

8:25 PM, July 20, 2011  
Blogger Linton said...

What would a nonpartisan Board of Apportionment look like? Is that even possible? Partisan redistricting is as American as apple pie and "mommy kills kid" media circuses.

8:28 PM, July 20, 2011  
Blogger Mark Moore (Moderator) said...

My praise is based on her record, and therefore is not false. Mike Beebe went out of his way to be vindictive to her- and that speaks well of her also. It is Beebe and McDaniel which deserve the blame for splitting the county, not her for voting conservative (like her district wants).

It sounds like the Republicans up there, of whom you claim to be one, do not have their act together. That is not her fault either.

12:23 PM, July 24, 2011  
Blogger Mark Moore (Moderator) said...

Linton- it would look a lot more like Martin's maps.

12:24 PM, July 24, 2011  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

As a conservative from her district I think you need to get in touch with what the people here want here to do/how they want her to vote. She did make some good votes but she also made some very poor votes. Votes that she now lies about making until you present here with her record and she says that its all a mistake. She is as dishonest as Nick Wilson was when he represented this area. The best thing out of this is that Lori Benedict will be our new rep.

3:21 PM, July 25, 2011  
Blogger Mark Moore (Moderator) said...

Wow, Nick Wilson stole money meant for disadvantaged children and funneled it to his buddies. He is a convicted felon. And you say she is just as bad?

I am sorry, I just can't give any credence to an anonymous bomb thrower who makes statements like that, with no factual support to boot. What's coming next week, a claim she is just as bad as Hitler?

3:57 AM, July 27, 2011  

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