Wednesday, July 13, 2011

O'Beebe Tactics on Budget Battles

Did anyone else notice how Arkansas Governor Mike Beebe uses the same tactics as Resident Obama when it comes to budget battles?

Both men are upset that you are allowed to keep as much of your own earnings as you are when they could spend it so much better. They would prefer that governmental monetary "shortfalls" be covered by increasing taxes, rather than simply reducing spending. If you add value to society by earning an income, remember, the real reason you exist is to fund programs that will glorify the state, and of course its divine leaders.

Consider the Resident. He has said that if the budget crisis is not resolved that he "can't guarantee Social Security checks will go out." This is the same man who would not, under any circumstances, consider reducing the hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars that go to #1 abortion provider Planned Parenthood each year. Those dollars it seems, Mr. Obama can guarantee. The bank bailouts? Guaranteed! The same with the illegal war in Libya that he is prosecuting against the wishes of the American people and without approval from Congress. There is plenty of money coming in from current tax receipts to cover Social Security and interest payments, if that is what they choose to spend it on. And let's remember that there is supposed to be a social security "trust fund" with hundreds of billions in it as well- except that the federal government stole all the money and that you can't trust the feds with your social security.

Beebe uses the exact same tactic- when faced with a budget crisis, don't look for unpopular spending to cut- do the opposite. Cut what seems most unfair to the average citizen so they will relent and allow taxes to go up again. In Beebe's case it was money for foster children's programs that he cut saying that "tax cuts had to be paid for somehow." Secretary of State Mark Martin said something like "hey I saved enough money under my budget to re-fund the foster children's program. You can use this money right here." Beebe could not let Martin look like a frugal public servant, so his office announced that it had come in even more under-budget than Martin. It turned out that all Constitutional offices, traditionally controlled by Democrats, were over-funded. Just like Obama, Beebe had the money for the foster children all along, in his own office budget even!

When city governments ask for a tax increase, they always say they will have to cut fire and police if it does not pass. When state government wants to reach deeper in your pocket, it cuts foster children's programs. When the feds are faced with the consequences of their outrageous expenditures they holler that social security will have to be cut. It's all a scam from some of the most dishonest people in our society.


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