Saturday, October 15, 2011

Black This Out

Black This Out Money Bomb

Dear Mark,

18 minutes, 47 seconds.

That’s how much time I’ve been given TOTAL during the last three Republican debates to explain my message of liberty to the voters.

But since poll after poll has shown me in third place nationally over these past few months, surely that amount of time left me in the middle of the pack when compared to my establishment opponents . . . right?


Out of all the candidates, my speaking time was DEAD LAST – even behind candidates I’ve been beating in the polls for months!

Mark, I know this is nothing new - especially after the outright censorship my campaign experienced after my incredible finish at the Iowa Straw Poll.

But don’t shrug your shoulders.  Don’t become jaded and give up.

Help me break through the media BLACKOUT.

This Wednesday, October 19, is your chance.

So won’t you please immediately pledge to contribute as generously as you can to my Black THIS Out Money Bomb?

The truth is, we’re nearing make-or-break time for my campaign.

After all, we can’t count on the national media to use their megaphones to cheerlead for my campaign as they’ve done for others recently.

There’s nothing the establishment hates more than my message of liberty, sound money, and limited constitutional government.

So the national media does everything it can to IGNORE us.

And after Florida moved up its primary date, it was only a matter of time until Iowa, New HampshireSouth Carolina, and Nevada all followed suit.

That means our time is running out to get my message to the voters!

That also means it’s crunch time.

And that’s why October 19's Black THIS Out Money Bomb is my campaign’s most critical money bomb yet.

Can I count on you for a generous pledge?

Click to Pledge

The truth is, I’ve been amazed at what we’ve done so far during this campaign.

But as I told you in the beginning, I’m in this to WIN.

I’m traveling all over the country.  My campaign is running hard-hitting TV ads, and we’re bringing in hundreds of new supporters every day . . .

But it’s not just my establishment opponents I have to deal with in this race for President.

As much as I hate to say it, despite the polls, despite my campaign’s success, and despite the fundraising numbers we consistently put up - the national media continues to pretend I don’t exist.

Well, I’m determined to break through their blackout and talk straight to the voters.

But I can’t do it without your generous support.

TV, targeted voter mail, email, and nonstop campaigning all cost money.

I’m not raking in the big checks from the Wall Street bankster fat cats like some of my opponents.

So I’m depending on you.

Please pledge to make your most generous contribution to my campaign’s Black THIS Out Money Bomb on October 19.

I’m counting on you.

For Liberty,


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