Saturday, January 28, 2012

FOX Covers for Monsanto on Cancer-causing Chemical in Milk

Fair and balanced?  We report, you decide?   These reporters' supervisor told them "we decide what the news is".     In this case, that they would not tell America that a chemical found in much of America's milk supply may cause cancer.   The drug in question is already banned in Europe and Canada.

Big media needs ad dollars from other big corporations.    They are not going to lose giant accounts just to tell you the truth.   The government is worse.  There is a revolving door between the FDA and giant corporate food entities like Monsanto.  Just as certain big banks have captured government financial regulators, certain giant food corporations have captured the regulatory agencies in their industry.

The end result is that a regulatory agency whose nominal purpose is to protect you from them winds up covering for them.    Even worse, they are actually making it harder for smaller companies who wish to protect you from doing so.  Their new function appears to be covering for the big boys and inventing new regulations designed to drive small competitors and local alternatives out of business.

It is my position that such capture is inevitable when you have corporations that big and a regulatory agency that specialized and centralized.  If and when the United States gets a re-boot, we should remember this principle and design a new system based on other, decentralized and less specialized, criteria. Taking these subjects away from regular judges of common law and entrusting them to a specialized regulatory agency is something that the big companies want.    For now the takeaway is that you are actually less likely to get the truth from big media than you are independent internet sources that have a history of reliability.    Quit listening to them, whether it is letting them pick your candidates for you with slanted coverage/non-coverage or what food products you and your family consume.


Blogger Mark Moore (Moderator) said...

Judge in Wisc. raw milk trail goes to work for Monsanto.

9:00 AM, January 30, 2012  

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