Sunday, February 12, 2012

AGs Sign On to Unfinalized Wrist Slap for Big Banks

The big banks all committed mortgage fraud on a massive scale.   They claimed in documents (often signed by "Linda Green" in 14 different styles)  that title had been transferred when in fact it had not.   The local stamp taxes and other fees that we would have to pay if we bought a home was not paid.   They had a system in place that evaded those taxes.  Since they are too-big-to-fail and too well-connected to imprison, the push is on for a blanket "settlement" which will assign them a "punishment" of giving some fraction of the money that they stole to state attorney generals.   Of course that money was really stolen from individuals and local governments, but the state AGs, including our own Dustin McDaniel, are willing to take the money in exchange for giving the "all's forgiven."

It is so farcical that the AGs signed off on a deal BEFORE the details have even been finalized.  That's just how captive our government is to the banksters.


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