Thursday, February 09, 2012

KHTV Coverage Bias on Debt Resolution

I attended an event in the Capitol today.   A group of legislators announced their intention to pass a resolution to amend the United States Constitution.   The proposed amendment would require approval of state legislators to raise the federal debt limit.  

There is a lot I could say about the proposed policy, but what fascinates me is the slant in coverage.   There were several cameras there, and lots of reporters.  The KHTV anchor Craig O'Neal was there.   The report on the news was very brief, and their report did not have any footage of any legislators.  Even the website report fails to mention the name of a single legislator involved in this initiative.  I'll give more information than KHTV and tell you that Sen. Jason Rappert was the spokesman for the group. 

Look, Rappert is a bit showy for my tastes, but the media bias is the real story here.   What's it take for an outsider to get any face time?   Did they really file a report and fail to mention even the name of a single legislator supporting this initiative?   Why, the same newscast that would not show any video or audio from the presser gave Arkansas First Lady Ginger Beebe a long segment on what it was like for her to be adopted as a little girl.   The double standard in news coverage is borderline ridiculous.


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