Saturday, March 17, 2012

The Consensus Wants You

Fantastic article.  Here is a sample.

Today we live in the age of consensus. The cultural elites no longer debate opposing points of view, they dismiss them as racist or ignorant, ridiculing not only the argument, but the arguer and the very premise that there can even be an argument.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Interesting article, but the basic concept is not new. Francis Schaeffer described, decades ago, that the loss of thesis vs. antithesis in American culture led to what he called the “line of despair” or giving up all hope of achieving a rational unified answer to knowledge and life.

"Man, therefore, is left in a state of despair which “arises from the abandonment of the hope of a unified answer for knowledge and life. Modern man continues to hang on to his rationalism and his autonomous revolt even though to do so he has had to abandon any rational hope of a unified answer” (Escape From Reason).

What is ingenious about this article is how Mr. Greenfield exposes something more... what he calls the "pseudo-intellectual pose of ridicule".

That concept is another of the "upper story leaps" that Schaeffer predicted would be found in Chapter 6 of Escape from Reason.

6:20 PM, March 17, 2012  
Blogger Mark Moore (Moderator) said...

Schaeffer was a giant. He's right up there with C.S. Lewis, but does not often get that sort of recognition. He read the bad guy's mail to us before they were even born.

4:01 PM, March 18, 2012  

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