Thursday, March 22, 2012

A Tea Party Begins to Act Like a Tea Party

The Ozark Tea Party, from Baxter County and surrounding areas, has issued a statement of disapproval of a policy proposal put forth by Republican Congressman Rick Crawford of the 1st district.      Crawford was originally elected with strong Tea Party support.   His proposal to raise income taxes on "the wealthy" as part of a balanced budget deal has met with strong objections from the OTP.

Since many so-called "Tea Parties" in the state have become mere pom-pom waivers for the GOP, I was pleasantly surprised by the news.  ( By no means are all Tea Parties in that group.  Washington County Tea Party has been particularly strong for example.)    My only question is what has taken them so long?   Crawford, and every other member of the Arkansas delegation from both DC-based parties, voted for the NDAA.    You would think a travesty like that would stir them up more than a mere proposal to raise taxes as part of a so-called "balanced budget."  The NDAA has the practical effect of throwing out four articles from the Bill of Rights and sets up America for a turn-key police state anytime the bosses decide its time to start rounding up "suspected terrorists" who are too loud about the obvious truth that our ruling class in DC is corrupt to the core.


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