Sunday, April 22, 2012

Five Surprising Facts About Government Survelliance in the USA

Five surprising facts about spying in the USA.   The spying measures that were alleged to be a RESPONSE to 9/11 were actually in place before 9/11.   The government heard of the terrorist's plans from their own mouths, but for some reason did not act on a large amount of intelligence information.  

More: Government surveillance programs are not tailored narrowly to focus on terrorists, but are instead designed to capture as much data as possible on all Americans.   Hey, if you are not doing something that the government doesn't like (such as complain about the government) then you should have nothing to worry about, right? And they are not just spying on us, they are using the information to try and develop ways to predict our behavior (paging the Dept. of PreCrime).   It's all in the link above folks.


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