Friday, April 06, 2012

He's Got to Go

The Razorback's football program has been one of the biggest Drama Queens in college football.   Now, Petrino adds to the "Jersey Shore" factor of our esteemed program.   Yet it seems for some residents of this state, as long as he keeps winning they don't care if the football coach at the state's flagship university is sleazy.    I believe that view is misguided in terms of both morality and utility.   He won't keep winning people.   It's over and the sooner we cut him loose the quicker we can get over the short term pain.

Look, I understand that there is a difference between someone's personal life and how someone performs at work.   I do hold that over time though, if someone is sleazy enough in their private life it will bleed over and affect there work.   But even if Petrino is short of that level of sleaze, this guy is not selling shoes at the mall.   He has a very high-profile, multi-million dollar, public position.   In a position of public trust, your personal life is a public matter.   Especially when its one where coaches from other states are recruiting against you to high school players and their parents.

And while I am on that, Petrino put his mistress on the payroll at his department last month.   That's another reason why this "its his personal life not his professional life" does not apply in this case.   He made it a professional matter when he put her in charge of administrating the Razorback football recruiting program.

In February I wrote that while the Hogs have done very well on the gridiron, if they didn't start recruiting better then the football program was about to fall off a cliff.  Here is that analysis.  In the wake of the weak recruiting effort, Petrino responds by putting his mistress in charge of administering the football recruiting program.   Look, there is no doubt the guy can coach, but lot's of guys can coach for three million dollars a year.   He can't recruit very well and this will only make the problem worse.   How does he go into living rooms and insure mommas that he will take care of their boy?  How does he maintain discipline, order, and moral authority over 85 testosterone laden football players?

The first link I gave noted that coaches were still using the way he left the Atlanta Falcons four years ago against him.   Now, he has given them much more potent and current ammo.    It's time to cut our losses folks.


Blogger Mark Moore (Moderator) said...

He's Got to Go Folks. We are going to have rough seasons for a while after next year anyway, because he has not recruited very well, but leaving him at the helm will only lengthen the rebuilding process.

2:53 PM, April 06, 2012  

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