Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Sounds Like Intelligent Design to Me

Bats and whales use sound in ways that are unexpectedly similar, according to this study.   That is, the findings would be unexpected if you believe these diverse creatures are the product of naturalistic evolution.    This is just the sort of thing you might expect to find if they were created by a common Designer.

The article makes a half-hearted attempt to say that maybe these commonalities are related to some limitations in the mammalian brain of the super distant alleged common ancestor.   I call WS (Whale Stuff).     What "fundamental limitations" are so unshakeable that they can't be overcome by evolution?   If mammal brains went from a pecan-sized lump in a shrew-like critter to a whale brain (or a human brain) then why should it be limited by some mystical sound processing barrier?   Especially since sound behaves very differently in water than in air.   


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