Thursday, June 07, 2012

The Good al-Qaeda

I am feeling conspiratorial tonight, but that's what it takes to make any sense of the events we see unfolding around the globe.    In Pakistan, we are conducting drone assassinations on the territory of a nation we are not at war with on "suspected al-Qaeda militants."     That might just be a code phrase for anyone we kill, but if they really are al-Qaeda, they are bad guys, right?   Not so fast.  In Libya and Syria we are aiding guys with the exact same philosophy as al-Qaeda, and maybe even al-Qaeda themselves.   Are they "good guys" or "bad guys"?  Maybe both.   It never really was a coherent and well-defined group like our press makes it out to be.  It was more like a loose association of jihadist groups.

They started out as good guys.  We helped make them when they were fighting the Soviets in Afghanistan in the 1990s.  They got their best weapons from us.  They ran the Soviets out and our dandies at the state department had their own little band of terrorists, excuse me 'freedom fighters' back then, that they could unleash on any Muslim state that gave us any trouble.  It turns out you can't buy religious fanatics that easily.   They bit the American hand that fed them.  The monster turned on Doctor Frankenstein.    It turned out that the Muslim Arabs that fought to get the Soviet infidels out of Afghanistan did not care for American infidels in Arabia either.    Most of al-Qaeda "went rogue."

What gets played up is how terrible al-Qaeda is, but it looks like while we are bombing them in Pakistan, we are helping them bomb others in Syria.   Like I said, it never was a well-defined organization.   My theory is that our state department and the Saudis are trying to wrest control of the jihadist movement from the Bin Laden faction and keep them on the Western-Saudi retainer to use as "sandals on the ground" to overthrow secular governments that won't play ball with the west.    So we are killing the terrorists who won't be "our terrorists" and paying and equipping the rest.

What is the master plan?    I am getting speculative here, but considering how those maniacal nation-building creatures in our State Department think, I believe they are trying to replace all independent middle-eastern governments with Muslim fundamentalist governments in the belief that with their allies the House of Saud they can control Islam and blend it into their cherished "New World Order."    So they kill off the faction that won't compromise and fund the one that will.    If someone else has an explanation for why we are simultaneously supplying Islamic Fundamentalists and Killing them, then let's hear it.    I think its a cross between a church take-over and a gang war.

It also fits in with their otherwise insane move of provoking war with Iran.     The smart move, repeatedly successful throughout history, is to keep a potential enemy like radical Islam divided within itself so that they turn their guns on each other, leaving them too weakened and distracted to mess with you.   Subjugating Iran would accomplish the exact opposite. 

Fundamentalist Islam has two main blocks, Shia and Sunni.   They would gladly go back to killing one another were we not sending our sons and daughters over there to get in the middle of them.   The Shia are the weaker of the two factions, and Iran is the heart of Shia Islam.   A collapse of Iran along with the installation of a Militant Sunni government in Syria will have the effect of delivering victory to the Sunni Extremists in their 700 year war against the Shias.   Islam will be more unified than it has been since Mohammad was alive.

The wisest policy is to stay out of this religious war and mind our own business.   Failing that, the wisest course is to pursue a policy which results in a balance of power between the two.   Yet here we are, backing the Sunni jihadists so that formerly secular governments fall to the sword of Sunni militants, and sponsoring terrorism against Iran as well.     It is like we want all of Islam to be united under Sunni fundamentalism.     Either the Sauds are pulling our strings because of the oil or our state department control freaks really think they can control an all-Sunni Militant-controlled mid-east.   

That did not work out so well for us with Bin Ladin, and now they are tripling down on this bad bet.


Blogger Mark Moore (Moderator) said...

The Islamofascists we are helping in Syria are the "good" islamofascists. The "bad" Islamofascists are the faction of al-Qaeda we are bombing in Pakistan (anybody remember Congress giving permission to bomb Pakistan?)....

8:44 AM, June 09, 2012  

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