Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Fiefdom Government Gone Wild, The Fraternity of Insiders

Fiefdom government strikes again.   This is how government works in a post-legislature era.  The irrelevancy of the people's branch gives rise to sweetheart deals for the connected, with no recourse from the people.  Did the legislature ever try such shenanigans as those I am about to discuss?   Sure, but it was done in secret, lest the voters find out.    Now that Commissions run huge swaths of our government, run by un-elected and powerful people with ten year appointed terms, such improprieties are undertaken in broad daylight.    It will be so until the trend toward fiefdom government in this state is reversed.

 In a stirring example of how the unaccountable titans who run the state's fiefdoms "help a brother out" with taxpayer money, the State Game and Fish Commission has voted to give $411,000 of taxpayer money to help well-connected Highway Commission member John Burkhalter build a private marina.   This is post-morality government "economic development" at its finest.   The insiders use their positions as the head of powerful unaccountable commissions with access to taxpayer money to do right by each other - at our expense.


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