Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Reality Collides with The Left via Mark Martin

The lefty blogosphere (as well as the establishment news organ Demozette) has been all over Secretary of State Mark Martin since before he was sworn in.  They have come after him in a way that they have not come after Lt. Gov. Mark Darr or Land Commissioner John Thurston.   Their accusations have bordered on the ridiculous, and at times have forged far beyond that border.

Recently the topic has been fierce resistance to any possible action by Martin's office that might somehow lead to the removal of non-voters from voter rolls!   One wonders why they left so strongly resists the urge to do anything that might facilitate removing non-voters from voter rolls.    They say its about hating brown people of course, because that's what they always say.  It can't be about stopping voter fraud, because these folks will tell you things like, "  This isn’t about stopping voter fraud, which Republicans are yet to provide a single of example of. ".  

"Well, whoomp there it is.   State Rep. Hudson Hallum (D) of Marion has resigned his seat, and confessed to participating in vote fraud.   394 of the 880 votes he got in a special election were absentee ballots!  He was buying them.   One day after the left puts up their oft-repeated claim about no vote fraud, a legislator and a city councilman confess to committing same.

Of course, they could and probably will nit-pick and say that so far as we know none of the vote fraud in this instance involved aliens registered as voters.    That does not mean that it hasn't happened or won't happen.  Vote fraud is a fact of life because government is so big and so much money and power passes through government hands.   The stakes are high.  If there is an inexpensive way to insure that elections are clean we should use it.    Even if the steps Martin is taking won't impact this particular instance of vote fraud, solving problems before they happen used to be a sign of good management.  Let's clean up those rolls.   People need to trust the results of our elections or the government loses credibility.


Blogger Mark Moore (Moderator) said...

Lefties have been challenging Sec. of State Mark Martin to show them ONE INSTANCE of vote fraud....well, whoomp there it it!

7:02 AM, September 06, 2012  

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