Monday, October 29, 2012

Please Don't Call Me Too Conservative

It seems that my opponent has been endorsed by the pseudo-local paper, the Benton County Daily Record. Of course a big media conglomerate has merged these papers into a Borg style collective, so even though people might still see it as the local paper, that's not the way it works editorially.

I am an independent running against a Republican in a district which leans heavily Republican.    The reason the paper gave when deciding against endorsing me was that I was "too conservative" as evidenced by this blog.  

Please don't throw me into that Briar Patch!      If you have to lose an endorsement in Benton County, let me tell you friends, that is the best possible way to loose it!  While I may be too conservative, I am not too Republican, and old-style Democrats should know that I do not share Mitt Romney's view that corporations are people, nor do I consider taxing working people to fund what amounts to crony-capitalism as being "pro-business."

Of course the Daily Record did not provide a link to this blog so that you, dear reader, could decide for yourself that I was "too conservative" to represent the citizens of one of the most conservative (though not all Republican) districts in this state.   No, they simply told you that this was the case, and their opinion about it was apparently that all you needed to know.

Let me share a truism with you- it is almost impossible to vote for someone who is "too conservative."   Even moderates should vote for someone far, far to the right of where they are.    The reason is simple.   The nature of government is to grow, to consume more of your earnings and restrict more of your freedoms.   This happens automatically.     To counteract this built-in tendency, you need someone who is a determined limited-government conservative just to keep things about where they are.

I'm telling you if you elected wild-eyed conservative cave men who wanted to smash government spending with a stone ax, all it means is that you might get the next tax increase delayed for another two years.   Even moderates should vote for conservatives.  If they vote for someone moderate, they will get much bigger government even if they wanted to keep things about where they are.

Look at this sales tax increase on the ballot.   It is absurd that the state's top Republican office holders have endorsed this tax increase- Boozman, Womack (editor's note, it seems I got this mixed up with his crusade to federalize and collect sales taxes on internet purchases, I cannot find where he has taken a position on this one), Darr.     And of course Democratic Governor Mike Beebe has endorsed the sales tax increase, regressive though it is.    So who do citizens vote for if they want tax rates to stay where they are?   Why, me.  And for that, the paper calls me "too conservative."

Gosh, that's terrible that you would say such things about me.   If I had enough cash left, I'd run your editorial again as a paid ad!


Blogger Mark Moore (Moderator) said...

So why didn't I get the paper's endorsement? They said I was "too conservative."

8:41 PM, October 29, 2012  

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