Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Unwinding from a Majority on the Take

I have heard it over and over again.  Many on the right say that at least 51% of the population is benefiting from a government program or working for the government, so reform is impossible and the system is going to implode.    Well, I also think its going to implode, but for the historical record, I want them to understand the real reason why.  

Mitt Romney did not lose because the 51% on the "take" are only going to vote for what benefits them personally.   Some of those 51% could have been peeled off.   Some of them know that the system is unsustainable, some of them are concerned about what our current course is doing to the country.   Some slice of that 51% can be induced to vote against their lower interests- but not for a Mitt Romney.

People are not going to vote to cut their government benefits so that Goldman Sachs executives can continue to rake in million dollar bonuses.   They are not going to take the hit so that Haliburton and the rest of the Military-Industrial complex Eisenhower warned us about can keep their profit margins up.   They are only going to vote for someone who will tackle this thing if they tackle those interests first.

It's not a case of one group on the take and another looking out for the country.  Both parties are run by people and interests who are on the take.      Both sides are suggesting the other side take the hit so the party on their side can go on just a little bit longer.  Not surprisingly, no one in the other coalition is buying it.

Honestly, Ron Paul could have beaten Barack Obama because he was advocating exactly the policies which would have split some of the "coalition on the take" from the left.    He would have ended the party for the MI-complex and the banksters first.    The other side would have been cut too, but that would be OK with some of them because the sacrifice was shared and the result was a sustainable federal government.   The coalition that ran the GOP rejected that deal and aggressively marginalized Paul and pushed a candidate who offered to keep their party going longer by only taking the punch bowl from the other team.

At this point, I do think that the Federal government is going to face a crisis of legitimacy piled on top of a currency crisis.   We missed our last best chance to stop it, but not because one side's interests would not compromise, but because neither side's controlling interests would.   When it comes, I want people to have a correct view of the history so that we can make a correct assessment of the blame.


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