Saturday, December 29, 2012

Choices that Are Not Choices

The ruling elite are in a great hurry to bring fascism to America.   Since they own the media, people who oppose fascism cannot obtain reliable information about who to rally behind from said media.    The "choices" this media presents you are bad kabuki theater.  

For example, Piers Morgan is the designated "heel", to use a professional wrestling term since the whole phony left-right paradigm is as fake as the WWE, for those on the "right".    He might be a "face" to those on the left of course.  At any rate, in addition to his outrageous and insulting personal attacks on pro-2nd amendment Gun Owners of America spokesperson Larry Pratt, Morgan now tells Christianesque hipster Rick Warren (of Purpose Driven Church fame) that the Bible is a flawed document and needs to be amended so as to recognize homosexual relationships as marriage!  Warren politely demurred and the two went on chatting.

The treatment of Warren was in no way similar to the treatment Pratt got.    It was clear that Pratt was on to be humiliated and insulted.   Warren was set up to be a hero of the right.   Here is the thing, Warren is a fascist too.  This  rather long but extremely profound audio  shows the root of the purpose driven movement to be fascism disguised as Christianity.

The global media gives those on the right fake heroes to rally behind.  Its called "controlled opposition".   If you don't know what it means, you should.


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