Friday, December 28, 2012

The Best and Worst Run States in America

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Interesting take on the best and worst run states in America.   We did not make either list, winding up in the big middle.  But the reason we did not may have been faulting score keeping.   They list Arkansas as having no state debt.   We do of course have debt, tied to our federal highway funding, a coming half-cent sales tax increase, and some college bonds.  At least the citizens voted for that debt, unlike the 300 million dollars we owe the federal government for unemployment claims.   Gov. Beebe got us in that debt without the approval of anyone.  Because of that I believe he violated the Arkansas Constitution.  At any rate the fact that none of that debt seems to have been counted likely kept us off the "worst" list.

I do notice that states on the worst list seemed to be heavy supporters of Resident Obama.   So people who cannot manage their own states have imposed on us someone who cannot manage our nation- a fine argument for limiting the scope of the central government.


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