Friday, December 28, 2012

Them and Us

You would smile too if you were above the laws enforced on the little people

NBC's David Gregory waived around what even he identified as a 30 round magazine on national television. He was in the District of Columbia, where it is illegal to "possess" magazines of over 10 rounds.  He did this in an effort to push for more gun law restrictions on the rest of us.    NBC had called the D.C. police to ask if they could use such a magazine on the show, and were told "no" because it was against the law.  It seems they did it anyway, in defiance of the law, and with video evidence and a confession live on national television.

It could not be more clear that Gregory broke the law.  That has not stopped media elite personalities from across the fake left-right spectrum, including those posing as representing conservative America like FOX and the Wall Street Journal, from howling in protest at even the idea that Gregory should be investigated. They complain that it was clear he had no intention of committing a crime.  Well, neither would I if I had a 30 round magazine.   The media elite demand that their fellows be judged by their claimed intentions while the rest of us are sent to prison based on the letter of the law.

Look, I don't want David Gregory to go to prison for possessing a 30 round magazine, but unlike Gregory, I don't want anyone to go to jail for owning something that it has always been our right to own.    My point is that if Gregory is not punished, then none of us should be.   Since he won't be, none of us should be.  

When they start hauling people in for the crime of "possessing" one firearm or firearm component or another they could not possibly have more proof of guilt than they have on David Gregory.   That they would arrest us in the heartland while the media elites escape will only show that our ruling class has forsaken justice and equity in enforcement of the law.

Its Us and Them.   They continue to make criminals out of people who have hurt no one merely for doing  what they and their fathers have done all their lives.  Meanwhile, those laws of course don't apply to those who matter.  Such brazen injustice can only provoke justifiably outrage.   It is easy to see why such a blatantly venal, corrupt, and incompetent ruling class is in such a hurry to disarm us.


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