Saturday, December 22, 2012

Two More Disturbing Obama Eligibility Accounts

One group claims photographic evidence that files related to Obama's eligibility have been tampered with.   The other, and I think more serious story, has to do with a judge who dismissed a suit on Obama's eligibility by appealing to the reasoning of the fictitious judge in the Christmas classic "Miracle on 34th Street."   I wish I were joking.    That suit contends Obama is ineligible regardless of his place of birth because his father was a foreign national here at the behest of a foreign government, and thus is not a "natural born citizen" because another nation had a claim on his loyalty at birth.  

Since even Obama agrees that his father was a foreign national here on business at the behest of a foreign government, it is going to be hard to dispute that one.  The judge apparently wanted to drop the hot potato lawsuit but could not come up with any sound legal grounds to do so, therefore he used as his precedent a "ruling" from a fictitious judge in a movie about Santa Claus.   Unbelievable how low justice has sunk to in the country.   I guess then if you believe in Santa Claus, you also believe that Obama is Constitutionally eligible for the office in which he now sits.


Blogger msbetz said...

You're right Mark....Hopefully the 3 electors in Arizona will uphold the law of the US Constitution that was written for (our time) that only the president must be a natural-born citizen so that an unlawful usurpation by a foreign nation could not bring down the nation from (within)..they were very wise men, those founders.

12:57 PM, December 22, 2012  

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