Thursday, April 04, 2013

AP Bans Term "Illegal Immigrants"

In an ongoing campaign of Orwellian "Truth Speak", the Associated Press has banned the use of the term "Illegal immigrants".   They left understands that if they control the terms of the debate, if they are allowed to control the language that is permitted to be used, then they can win the debate, at least on an emotional level.

What is next from the AP, book burnings?    Mike Huckabee made a mockery of this decision on his show yesterday when he asked callers to find a new term to describe this group that the AP can use in place of "illegal aliens".  One caller suggested "future Democrats" would be a fitting moniker.   Huckabee did not like that, but the numbers show it is mostly correct.

The bottom line is that Americans should not trust the giant corporate media for information.   Instead, we should turn to the micromedia.   It is the last free media left.


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